Canada BlueShore Financial HeadQuarter glass media facade transparent LED display project

Product model:XW SeriesScreen Size:1920mm x 2560mm x 3
Project Location:North AmericaProject Time:2015-08-02

North America Canada BLUE SHORE Bank Headquarters

BlueShore Financial is a credit union in Canada with over 40,000 clients and $4.9 billion in assets under administration. Founded in 1941, the credit union is designated a "Caring Company" by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and is a member of Canada's IMAGINE program.

Office perfectly equipped with fashionable transparent LED display, so cool working environment for the talent and efficient promotion for the company.

Customized brightness (2000nits) balances the energy saving and indoor video performance.

High pixel pitch(5mm) makes sure the viewing effect.

High transparency(80%) makes the display a good e-partition wall ensuring a great natural lighting.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design makes it harmonious with the whole office style.

North America Canada LBUE SHORE Bank Headquarters

North America Canada LBUE SHORE Bank Headquarters2

North America Canada LBUE SHORE Bank Headquarters3

North America Canada LBUE SHORE Bank Headquarters4