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NEXNOVO NE16 Glass LED screen--Vanke Park Mansion in Tangshan, Hebei province

Product model:NE SeriesScreen Size:83 sqm
Project Location:ChinaProject Time:2021-05-20

A new NEXNOVO project --NE series glass LED screen in Vanke Park Mansion.
NEXNOVO NE series have the feature of building peripheral protection, media display, lighting and more, giving way to new understandings of architecturalart and commercial displays. Give your audience a stronger visual effect,by impacting and personalizing your buildings and store fronts.




The transparency of NE series is over 90%,fusion of technology with architecture is providing architects new possibilities. With brightness reaching 5000nits/ per sqm, pixel pitches of 10mm to 50mm, including the highest resolution in its field. The content outcome is exquisite and daytime display is still excellent!