Hong Kong ZARA flagship transparent LED display project

Product model:XW SeriesScreen Size:2.56m x 8m
Project Location:HonKongProject Time:2016-05-16

NEXNOVO transparent LED display adds high tech element for ZARA, and strongly highlight fashion awareness of ZARA brand, who is known for quickly promoting the most popular design clothing. The flagship store in Queen's Road Central Hong Kong is opened in June 2014, covering an area of 2000㎡. The store specially uses NEXNOVO transparent LED display for decoration, including 2 set of XW10 transparent LED screens with dimension of 2.56 x 8m, which is mounted on both sides of the main entrance. 

High brightness(5500-6000nits) ensures a soft and enjoyable viewing effect.

High transparency(80%) balances the natural lighting and ad promotion.

Proper pixel pitch(10mm) makes it easily eye-catching for passersby even standing in the opposite side. 

High end deserves high tech, and the fashion and advance thought of ZARA can be delivered to the public when equipped with NEXNOVO transparent LED display. 

ZARA  4-恢复的.png

ZARA 1-恢复的.png

ZARA 2-恢复的.png

ZARA 3-恢复的.png