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Have the surprise which brings by NEXNOVO transparent LED displays beyond your expectation?

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The Guangzhou Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition ("ISLE") closed successfully on 6
th March. As the original & true inventor and manufacturer of transparent LED displays, NEXNOVO shows transparent LED sliding door, XT smart digital poster, suitable for shop fixed installation of XH series, designed for retail windows of NJ series, etc. 

NEXNOVO has developed the transparent LED sliding door in 2018, with innovative design, Hyun-cool, high transparency, high-definition display and vivid color effect, attracts a large number of audience to stop and watch. Does this surprise beyond your expectation?


NEXNOVO XT smart poster awarded with IF in 2017. The independently developed APP (Easy Poster), with abundant template material library in the APP, can solve the problem that it is difficult to create advertisement content by many parties. The visitors come to experience this and are greatly impressed. Does this surprise beyond your expectation?


The XH and NJ series were designed for digital signage window advertising for a variety of retail indoor application, showing features of high resolution and transparency, easiness and rapidity of installation. This provides unique advantage for commercial space design, injecting higher additional value for offline entity merchants.


NEXNOVO insists on innovation, creating more possibilities for transparent LED displays. NEXNOVO strives to provide more innovative and more valuable products and services. NEXNOVO is leading the way to better and more performing transparent screens! Expecting to bring you more surprises next time, yet to finish, to be continued……