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NEXNOVO has great success in Shanghai C-Star, see you next year

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NEXNOVO has great success in Shanghai C-Star, see you next year

As the most professional and international retail trade show in China, C-star - Shanghai’s International Trade Fair for solutions and trends which are all about retail has arrived to a conclusion. This year once again it’s been a great success for the NEXNOVO products and team! With over 150 exhibitors from more than 10 countries, NEXNOVO found way to stand out! Our transparent displays were once again praised and gazed at. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and to all the new NEXNOVO partners we have met.

Even on the first day of the C-Star event, the NEXNOVO booth was a hit! Questions and ideas were discussed! Passers were drawn to the displays, "NEXNOVO products were the only transparent LED displays worth stopping for." Peter M. from Switzerland said; "Wow, your screens are so bright, the colors so even and crisp! " others mentioned. Comments like these makes NEXNOVO strive for the top performing products.

Below, some C-Star moments in review:

                                                "Invisible Wings, NEXNOVO, transparent LED sliding doors"
NEXNOVO stun the visitors at C-STAR with their transparent LED sliding doors, once again, a true original idea and a great jaw dropper for anyone to see, this is innovation at its best! These doors will open many new business opportunities; NEXNOVO will keep bringing you new ideas to impress your customers.



                                                 "NJ series, Simple at its best, showcase your windows!"
NEXNOVO NJ series are simple but high impact for your window showcases! With less framing, higher transparency is achieved and best results are shown! Make your content impact your presence and let your audience be amazed with the creativity of transparency. In this case, simple is better, see the NJ difference!

                                                                                            "Full control at your fingertips!"
NEXNOVO Smart Posters are controlled through their own APP using its high speed cloud servers. Various content, images, clips and templates are offered, simply operated, making your digital windows or in-store transparent screens a breeze to use, perfect for the DIY in you! The NEXNOVO Smart Posters will simply blow you away!

                                                              "Never stop, always move forward"
The C-STAR exhibition was again proof that NEXNOVO is here to change the world in transparent LED advertising, we have already changed it by inventing and to be the first in introducing the technology to the global markets, now we prove that we keep innovating with our new ideas and product line up’s! Keep your eyes on NEXNOVO and see our newest revelation, soon to be announced!

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