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The rising "favorite" at Xi'an China Town -- Nexnovo Transparent LED display

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The rising "favorite" at Xi’an China Town--Nexnovo Transparent LED display

As a magical month, we celebrated Labor’s day, mother’s day in this May, and we also witnessing this special day together.

A state-of-the-art, at 427.7 square meters, high-resolution Transparent LED display installation has recently been illuminated in the China Town #10 building in Xi’an.

China Town #10 building _ NEXNOVO XRW series

The Trending of Transparent LED Technology for Architecture Facade

With the combination of traditional culture and modern city, integrating the local customs and fashion art, SiHai Chinatown is the new shining star of Xi’an's new business district.

“SiHai Chinatown decorated archway _ NEXNOVO transparent LED display is behind it

The 190,000 square meters’ project integrated western and Chinese architectural style. The elements of the world-famous Chinatown's representative buildings and the traditional Chinese architectural details, also with the help of immersive scenario creation, the customers can feel exotic in the country and also recall the traditional culture.

 "Xi'an at night like a beautiful palace"

NEXNOVO is honored to accept such a challenging task. The Xi'an Chinatown, which is full of elements of Chinese culture, has built two large transparent LED screens of about 572 square meters.  Hoping to let more people exposed to the Chinese culture, NEXNOVO wants to attract more visitors and travelers to the area.

“NEXNOVO transparent display in China Town #13 building 

  "NEXNOVO's transparent LED display works excellent during the day" 

An Impressive show of Chinese singer Xu Wei at Big Opening Ceremony

Xu Wei performed a set of his hit songs on the opening ceremony of the China town. The passionate audiences was the best part of the ceremony.

"Such a passionate ceremony"

 "Xu Wei"

In order to satisfy consumers' pursuit of high quality in life, Sihai Chinatown has innovated business ideas, introduced new commercial mode, and reshaped a new business landscape by using the NEXNOVO transparent LED display.

"Perfect details"

The NEXNOVO SMD technology is a solution that combines technology and fashion to express Chinese traditional culture while reflecting modern technology. With the background of innovation, on the basis of the traditional commercial platform, the Nexnovo SMD technology is taking advantage of transparent creative advertising screen to match the marketing model of the merchants.

 "The pefect combination of fashion and technology" 

At the same time, customers can quickly obtain the information they want while they are shopping on the street.

Hardworking Team 


 "Engineering team is studying the program"

When the customers came to seek a solution, NEXNOVO called the company's engineering design team to carry out the project research and conducting on-site inspections to collect relevant information.

NEXNOVO’s team was back and forth between Xi'an and Shenzhen, just like in between the company and the home. Because Xi'an is at a high latitude, so the solution should be combined with the local natural environment, especially during the daytime. We must maintain high brightness and beautiful colors.

In fact, the customers finally decided to let NEXNOVO run this project is because they believe in NEXNOVO’s quality and the influence in this area. NEXNOVO is the inventor of the transparent LED screen and has new technologies that others do not have, so the display effect of the screen is more beautiful as well.