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7-ELEVEN, selected NEXNOVO for their LED window displays.

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7-ELEVEN, selected NEXNOVO for their LED window displays.


NEXNOVO provided the latest transparent LED displays from its series XRW3 to 7-11 in Singapore, which attracts many customers and provides a more flexible way for advertising.

Client Overview

7 - ELEVEN, retailer that operates more than 60,000 convenience stores. The typical outlet is small in size and carries a limited stock of food, drinks, and other high-turnover products but stays open long hours. 

The Challenge

As with most chain stores, growth and sales are the ultimate goals. Since a big part of 7-ELEVEN advertising strategy is in-store advertising, the store owner has to select from a range of paper posters which are not dynamic nor very eye catching.


- The paper posters block the views ( both inside and outside ) and not to forget preventing the natural daylight of entering.  

- The paper posters need to be changed and uniformity is hard to achieve.

- 7-ELEVEN stores are open 24 hours, the paper posters are barely visible at night.

NEXNOVO Solution

It all starts with drawings of the 7-ELEVEN windows, NEXNOVO’s design team customized a pair of 2000mm wide by 3500mm high transparent LED displays. With their brightness achieving over 6000 nits, it makes them ultra-visible, even in direct sunlight conditions.


Easy to install and durability is what you get with NEXNOVO transparent LED displays.


The Results

Nexnovo’s high brightness, transparent LED solution provided 7-ELEVEN the possibility to get dynamic cutting edge window advertising without sacrificing any daylight. Saving on labor, selling more advertised products and all while giving this great new look and feel to the entrance!


This new way of utilizing store windows as dynamic advertising has been a great success for 7-ELEVEN!

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